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The TQT Value Proposition

TQT is a business management software tool. It is not industry specific. TQT does not impose a business model or best practices on the sites that implement it. TQT's unique architecture delivers all of the modules of ERP right out of the box that can easily be configured to automate, optimize and enhance your unique strategy. Because your strategy is such a central part of TQT, the input and participation of your users is key.

TQT is a business management system that will form exactly to your needs, without any preconceived notions on how things should work in your industry and without the use of custom source code.

What is TQT?

The TQT business management system is for strategic organizations who need systemization without strategic compromise. TQT is a business management system that supports and enhances your unique strategies, while providing all of the benefits of ERP.

Unlike traditional ERP, TQT recognizes the importance of your differences and does not require your business to change how it works in order to "fit" into the ERP system.

TQT is not just a better mousetrap, but rather an entirely different approach to enterprise management based on the fact that all companies have developed unique ways of operating, and have different strategies. Most successful organizations operate under unique strategies that they have developed internally, which are a key component of their success. When attempting to implement traditional ERP they are forced into a dilemma: They must sacrifice part of their unique strategy, or sacrifice their ability to systemize their operations. In either scenario, a grave sacrifice is made.

TQT provides the benefits of ERP without strategic compromise. TQT provides powerful control over strategic direction, workflow automation, policy control & enforcement, and advanced analysis tools to gain knowledge and efficiency. TQT's unique architecture enables it to be configured to automate, optimize and enhance any strategy without additional, custom source code.

Unlimited Feature Set

There is no limitation of the feature set. Sites can, and generally do, define entirely new "feature-sets" within the structure of TQT.

TQT is configured based on the input of the strategy-holders within your enterprise (rather than being dictated by the software). A new strategy is operationally defined and agreed upon by the strategy holders. This new strategy is then defined into TQT (including any policy to be enforced, workflow to be automated, metrics with which to provide analysis, etc.). TQT will now support and enhance that strategy without the need to "recode and relaunch the software".

Process Centric

TQT is a process driven system. Because of this, it is industry agnostic (not industry specific).

Everything that you do and sell is defined as a process. Processes are stored as data, and are defined and created by you, not by the software. Each process is "self aware" and is configured, by you, to know how long it takes to do, how much turnaround time it needs, in which department it is executed, how it is sold, the selling price per unit, the default cost per unit, the sales revenue account, the inventory pool that it pulls from (or adds to), etc. Once you have defined your business down to the process level, TQT can support you. (For more information, see "A Process Approach".)

Stable, Scaleable, Industry Standard

TQT is an enterprise-wide networked computer application. It is a hybrid system with simultaneous connections via a web browser, and an integral client-server based architecture. It is scalable up to thousands of simultaneous users, and is a robust mission-critical application.

The TQT server runs on a standard PC, using low-cost hardware. TQT integral clients can run on Mac and/or Windows.

TQT uses industry standard protocols and can integrate easily with other applications.

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